Logan Paul UFC: 5 fighters who can face Logan Paul in the UFC

Logan Paul UFC: 5 fighters who can face Logan Paul in the UFC

Logan Paul UFC: UFC News: Logan Paul seems to be on a quest to compete in every sport and astound everyone with his abilities every time. When the YouTube superstar debuted boxing, many of his fans had doubts about his abilities and how he would perform, but he proved a point and demonstrated his talent. The same thing happened in WWE; Paul, who recently made his Royal Rumble debut, shocked everyone with his skills. He went on to compete at WrestleMania alongside the Miz. Following that, he fought against the biggest superstar of this generation, Roman Reigns, and won over skeptical fans. Follow UFC News Updates with InsideSport.IN.

After years of teasing, Paul has finally made a significant revelation about the UFC and himself. Meantime, he shared a video with Dana White, indicating that he will soon take on a fight in the octagon. Now that his debut is being discussed, let’s look at 5 potential opponents he may face inside the cage.

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Logan Paul UFC: 5 Potential Opponents For Logan Paul In UFC

Paddy Pimblett

Meanwhile, he shared a collage of several videos related to his probable UFC debut and tagged Dana White in the post. In the same post, he stated he wants to fight against Paddy Pimblett.

Although that might have seemed like he was just kidding about wanting to make his MMA debut against Paddy Pimblett. Because a battle against Pimblett is not a joke since he is on a whole other level, has destroyed every opponent he has faced, and is still unbeaten in the UFC.

However, you should also remember that Paul fought against Floyd Mayweather and looked excellent in that contest, thus he is highly likely to do well. If he really faces him.

Eryl Anders

Eryl Anders had a strong football career prior to switching to MMA, where he did well. Similar to Logan Paul, he also played other sports. His record is 15-7, with 9 victories coming through Ko.

Logan Paul UFC: 5 fighters who can face Logan Paul in the UFC

Logan Paul UFC: 5 fighters who can face Logan Paul in the UFC
Logan Paul UFC: 5 fighters who can face Logan Paul in the UFC

After two losses, “Ya Boi” managed to defeat Kyle Daukaus last month, and now he is undoubtedly seeking for a challenging opponent who can give him a boost and put him in the spotlight—and who better to do that than Paul. Similar to how Anders will be an excellent opponent for Paul to have his first match and some cage fighting exposure before facing off against the other notable stars in the company.

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker has already made noise about fighting “The Maverick.” Walker has revived his winning run after defeating Paul Craig in the opening round of UFC 281. Meanwhile, after Paul shared the UFC announcement news, he responded, which shocked a number of fans. You can check his response below.

Walker claims that he is willing to compete against Paul at light heavyweight if Paul wants. Since Walker has some significant abilities and if this bout actually happens, it will be a no-miss event. This comment has definitely sparked a light in the UFC community.

Jake Paul already declared that he had signed a multi-fight contract with PFL MMA, and now his brother is considering the UFC as his next destination.

With some real boxing and professional wrestling experience under his name, he has received praise for his excellent performances. Although mixed martial arts is a very different discipline from what Paul has previously encountered, all these reasons support him for a UFC bout.

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